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Which is KEAZ128 recommended SW dev platform?

Question asked by Wang Walter on Sep 25, 2017
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We just started a new product development with KEAZ128, but quite confused by the supporting dev IDE... mentioned that both CW10.6/10.7, KDS and S32DS can be used for development. We are quite familiar with CW 10.7 and its ProcessorExpert, and we did confirmed KEAZ128 is supported by this PE. And NXP also announced that there is still no plan for KSDK 2.x to support KE family so far (MCUXpresso Supported Devices Table | NXP Community, so we have some questions:

1, Does this mean we will have poor API/driver (KSDK 1.3?) support when using latest KDS/S32DS IDE?

2, What kind of SDK/driver and IDE recommended for KEAZ128 currently?

3, If we stick to CW 10.7 with PE, is there any possible restriction during future dvelopment?


Thanks in advance.