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Flash Memory Read Protection prevents programming

Question asked by Matt Barbour on Sep 25, 2017



I am setting up and testing the PASS module on a MPC5777C and having trouble programming an area of flash memory that is protected by a read lock. My understanding of the read protection is that it protects selected areas of flash from being read if Censorship is enabled and the Debug Port is unlocked.

Currently if I try to program an area of the flash that has LOCK3[RLx] = 1 I hit IVOR1

This happens regardless of whether censorship is enabled or the debug port is unlocked. I have the Life cycle set to OEM Production. 

Is this normal behaviour?


Also I have ane more unrelated question. what is the size of the Unique Chip Identifier. The manual states that this us 32 bytes long 0x004000A0 to 0x004000BF however looking at that area of memory only the first 16 bytes seem to be populated and the second 16 bytes are empty.