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USB-3 P1010 errata :  Missing SOFs and false babble error due to Rx FIFO overflow

Question asked by Fabrice DECROP on Sep 25, 2017
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I'm using P1010 RDB, and I'm facing missing SOF issue with USB 2.0 devices. I'm also using VxWorks 6.9 OS and my investigation leads me to think that babble detect error is not reported by the controller to the software.


It's confusing as the workaround for USB-3 errata ( ) says that I should reset the USB port when a babble is detected.


How can I get the babble detect bit set to 1 ?Could you please, confirm me that this bit is correctly set when a missing SOF is occuring ? In wich registers of EHCI controller, the babble detect error bit is set ?



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