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How to know that the S912ZVCA19F0MLF microcontroller has entered the STOP mode successfully?

Question asked by HARSHA J K on Sep 22, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2017 by Daniel Martynek



I am using a S912ZVCA19F0MLF microcontroller based on S12Z architecture.
I am trying to put the microcontroller in Deep sleep (STOP mode), I find from the datasheet that the typical current consumption should be around 50uA. But I see there is a current consumption of 7.5mA. Please provide me some suggestions on how to debug that the micro is in STOP mode.

When I execute the instruction "__asm STOP;" the debugger loses the connection. So I cannot know what is happening on the MCU.


Executed functionality:


__asm ANDCC #0x7F;
__asm STOP;



1. How to know that the S912ZVCA19F0MLF has entered STOP mode successfully?

2. Also, do I have to disable all the peripherals before going to sleep? (To reduce the current consumption)


Please let me know how to debug this issue further?


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