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FCCU issue in MPC5744p

Question asked by praveen kumar on Sep 22, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2018 by 悠悠 悠悠

I am using MPC5744p micro, we are trying trying to configure FCCU for all Non Critical faults with LONG RESET.

We do follow following steps for FCCU configuration.

1. Disable Software Watchdog (Always Disables in our application.)

2.Clear all faults by clearing NFSx registers.

3. Read for any active faults .

4. Clear again if faults are active.

5. Set FCCU to Bi stable state.

6.RUN the application.


When we connect the debugger and RUN this configuration , there is no problem . But when I disconnect the debugger and RUN without debugger , code is stuck in FCCU Config State.Then I observed that SWT_0 was set in NFSx registers but I had disabled watchdog in my start up code itself. And even after Clear the NFSx registers , the fault is not cleared as a result code is stuck in FCCU config state.


Kindly let me know why SWT_0 is setting even after disabling the software watchdog ?

Why I am not able to Clear SWT_0 fault with NFSx registers ?

When Debugger "Target Reset is issued" then FCCU shows no fault , but why FCCU shows a fault when I perform a hard reset . This totally doesn't make sense.


Appreciate your Help !