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SC18IM700 fails for unknown reason

Question asked by Clement Guillou on Sep 22, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2020 by Scott Register


I am having trouble with the SC18IM700 on a project.


It seems to be failing for no apparent reason. It resets "itself" at random times.


I checked the signals when these resets happen, the RESET and WAKEUP pin remain high. The power line is stable as well. Even with those conditions, I can sometime see the "OK" @ 9600 bauds and the GPIOs going "up" as if they were inputs (GPIOs are pulled-up in my design).


Is there other reset conditions besides : 

  • - pulling down the reset pin
  • - sending a "Z" commande and pulling down the wakeup pin
  • - powering the device down and up again


In my case, the resets occur without any of these conditions...


Thanks for your help