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Watchdog reset, Cortex M4, KSDK, MQX

Discussion created by Roosbeh Almasi on Sep 22, 2017
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Hello everyone,


Does anybody know what would be the best approach to track down he watchdog reset reasons?

I have an application which run on a Kinetis Cortex M4 (K20  MCU). I am using KSDK MQX for my application as well. I have not used the watchdog component of the MQX OS at all and I have written it in bare metal code. I have tested my watch dog functionality in terms of timing and other bits and pieces. works fine. So, I doubt there is anything wrong with the watchdog itself. it resets the unit because somewhere my code get stock (most probably will end up to the idle task of the MQX OS). so, my question is how could we find out where the code get stock. the resets happens at random intervals and it is not a fixed period in terms of time. it application runs for 24 hours, it might see about 2 to 3 resets done by the watchdog.


Many thanks for any help in advance,