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Differences between LS1040A-RDB with silicon 1.1 and silicon 1.0

Question asked by Luis Batista on Sep 22, 2017

I am installing ONIE + ONL in a LS1043ARDB-PC.


The ONIE was previously ported to this board by NXP:


After seeking help on ONIE mailing list, Qiang Zhao kindly replied me and pointed out that I have a different SoC version which has not been supported by onie.

"silicon 1.1 with SoC id 0x87920011"  instead of "silicon 1.0 with SoC id is 0x87920010"


The details of my board are:

  • 700-29077 REV C


My questions are:

  • What are the main changes between these two silicon versions? I searched through data sheets and manuals but couldn't find it.
  • What are the main necessary adjustments to be done in the u-boot and kernel to reflect the silicon differences?


In the attached file I added the output from u-boot and the errors I am getting.


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