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Can't compile OpenCV 3.3 with galcore OpenCL library (Debian 7)

Question asked by Mathieu Chassara on Sep 21, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2017 by igorpadykov

Hi everyone,


I am using an i.MX6q (HummingBoard), on which I run a SolidRun Debian Linux distro (which are available here).


In our company, we would like to use OpenCV and make it work with OpenCL using the Vivante GC2000 GPU. I found out there was already the Vivante ICD and also a galcore directory in /usr/lib which apparently contains all the libraries I would need to use OpenCL (,, etc).


When I'm trying to compile OpenCV 3.3 with a link to those OpenCL libraries, I got a compilation error (undefined reference to clCreateImage) but as far as I know, Vivante supports OpenCL 1.1 EP and OpenCV seems to support it also, it should work.


When I execute strings /usr/lib/galcore/ on the board, I can see clCreateImage2D and clCreateImage3D but not clCreateImage. At first I thought this was caused because of an outdated linux distro our outdated drivers but when I execute the same command on the lib I found on the poky distro from Freescale Community, it also doesn't have this function. I also thought it was caused because of a recent version of OpenCV but it seems that this function has already been used in previous OpenCV versions.


I'm kinda lost right now, I quite don't understand where this can come from. Do you guys have any idea of what would cause this or at least how can I compile OpenCV 3.3 with Vivante OpenCL library ?

PS: I also have some heavy misunderstandings between the galcore library, the galcore kernel module and this galcore directory I have on my distro: I don't have any galcore module on my distro, if you guys could enlighten me on this one it would be really nice !