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Connect FRDM-K66F and TWR-KV58 using SPI

Question asked by Evgeny Erlihman on Sep 22, 2017
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I am trying to connect two evaluation boards, FRDM-K66F and TWR-KV58+elevation, using the SPI interface. Trying to use the FreeRTOS example for DSPI. When i connect two FRDM-K66F boards using SPI0 on both and the freertos example, i see the data going through correctly. But when i connect the FRDM-K66F that was the slave to a TWR-KV58 (with elevation boards) to serve as the master, i don not get any indication of incoming data on the K66F side.


This is how i connected the pins:

   KV58                        K66F

MOSI B45          MISO       J2 pin 8
MISO B44          MOSI       J2 pin 10
SCK   B48          SCK        J2 pin 12
PCS0 B46          PCS0      J2 pin 6

GND  B2            GND        J2 pin 14


The code is unmodified freertos_dspi example, with EXAMPLE_CONNECT_DSPI set to BOARD_TO_BOARD. 

Master is built with SPI_MASTER_SLAVE isMASTER and slave is built with SPI_MASTER_SLAVE isSLAVE.

Both using SPI0


Do i need to change any configurations to make this setup work?