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LPC4357 Slave core Cortex-M0 not running from SRAM , only BankB flash?

Question asked by Muhammad T on Sep 21, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2017 by Muhammad T

Hullo Guys , I'm developing code for the LPC4357 dual-core MCU . Im using KEIL IDE . I managed to create separate codes for each core . The problem is that when I execute the Cortex-M0 code from Flash Bank B (pointed to by the M0APPMEMMAP shadow register ) it works as it should . But when I try run the code from anywhere else , whether internal SRAM or external SDRAM (also pointed to by M0APPMEMMAP) , by copying the generated image file from the M0 project into that SRAM/SDRAM location , its not working ??? . 
In KEIL , I set the Target options for the M0 project properly , thus the generated linker script points to the correct memory areas IRAM and IROM . 
So far I think its linking problem such that I do not seem to remap the Vector table properly. 

This is the settings of the M0 Memory areas . 
Any ideas ? ????#