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ELF is not in expected HALT mode

Question asked by wei yang on Sep 21, 2017
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    i use codewarrior version is 10.04,my board is simlar to p1010rdb,only DDR not, at present i want to download uboot.bin to the board , i modify  DDR related  in P1010RDB_init_core.tcl ,when i start download, codewarrior console message as follow:

fl::target -lc "uboot"
fl::target -b 0x2000 0x30000
fl::target -v off -l off
cmdwin::fl::device -d "S29GL256P" -o "32Mx8x1" -a 0xfe000000 0xffffffff
cmdwin::fl::protect all off
Beginning Operation ...
Performing target initialization ...
Error: ELF is not in expected HALT mode
Error: Couldn't stop the target. Can't stop the target.
Error: Couldn't stop the target.Can't stop the target.

could you tell me if modify DDR ,what files need to modify,or give me some help docs。