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USB with Audio for speaker

Question asked by aniketmarkande on Sep 21, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2017 by aniketmarkande


i am working on K22 based micro-controller. I am working with USB stack (SDK 1.3). Firstly i was using only for 2 MSD and now i want to drive speaker also via usb.

The changes i have done in the stack is that i have allocated the static memory wherever dynamic memory is allocated and its working with 2 MSD.

I have added audio_speaker.c/.h in my project and trying to run the code, Hardfault error is coming. Hardfault is coming from _usb_host_unlink_tr() function, i dont know why:(. tried decoding but no luck.


If somebody guide me how to add audio functionality to drive speaker or share a code (MSD + Audio), it will be a great help.


Thank you.