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K64 ADC specification

Question asked by manfredschnell on Sep 21, 2017
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we use K64 in our design with the internal ADC single ended 16bit...

In the datasheet "K64P144M120SF5" (Rev. 7, 11/2016)


Topic: 16-bit ADC electrical characteristics

There are still only values for 12-bit modes specified.


How can I get valid values for 16-bit AD-Conversion variations?

--> can NXP provide this values? (TUE / DNL / INL / EFS)-Values for 16-bit

--> do I have to multiply the 12-bit (TUE / DNL / INL / EFS)-Values by 16  (to convert them from 12 to 16 bit??)


I've to calculate the maximum error in our circuit. External errors are known... but the internal ADC --->> ???

Any hint would be appreciated!

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