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Zstar3 Development Board

Discussion created by Pedro Silva on Sep 18, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2008 by Petr Gargulak
Hello, I'm trying to develop an application based on the ZSTAR3 system. For that I'm trying to purchase a ZSTAR USB node and 4 or 5 ZSTAR3 accelerometer sensor boards, which led me to a couple of questions: 1- I've contacted my local distributor and they only have the ZTAR2 Development board. Is it possible to buy a ZSTAR USB node and 5 ZSTAR3 accelerometer sensor boards directly from Freescale? 2- Although the software that comes with the ZSTAR3 development boards is very good to get a initial sense of this development board, I would like to use the ZSTAR3 hardware and develop my own application: 2.1- Is it possible to reprogram the USB stick and/or the sensor boards? 2.2- If not, can I use the data that arrives to the USB port and develop my own application, in Visual Studio for example? 2.3- If so, where can I get more information on how to use the data or more information on the protocol your software uses to communicate with the USB stick? Thanks in advance. Regards, Pedro Silva