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Question asked by Denis ZALLOT on Sep 21, 2017
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I expect to use the BAM via the CAN BUS for both my projects based one on the MPC5646C and the other one on the MPC5645S.

Today, the schematics show an external oscillator on pin EXTAL and the pin XTAL is not connected.

After reading the manuals, I am worried that it will not be OK and that it is compulsory to use a crystal oscillator instead of an external oscillator to be able to use the BAM.


Point 2)

There is an external watchdog on my board. When the BAM will operate to download the bootloader code into the RAM, it will not be kicked. Maybe, it is usual practice to inhibit the external watchdog by gating its reset output with the FAB signal.


Could you confirm these 2 points?

Thank you

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