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root file system

Question asked by Saida S on Sep 20, 2017
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i am doing porting linux to sabresd board (booting from sd card)

1.u-boot (ok)

2.kernel and dtb (ok)

3.rootfile(ramdisk) system based on busy box (not ok)

i followed this from i.mx6 community "busy box on i.mx6 in few commands"

1. can any one give the detail procedure

for rootfs based on initramfs,jffs2 because i want to test it from all flash memories on board (spi flash,eMMC,sd card and nor flash)

2. i want to use console as a display for kernel how to do it

3. is it possible to port ubuntu on this board as it operates like normal pc linux os(what is the procedure for that)

all this i am doing seperately downloading all file from net(with out yocto)


i am added nor flash in my custom board then what are the changes needed in u-boot and linux config files


4. i am designing one more board based on i.mx6 Quad core replacing with i.mx6 dual lite board what are precuations to be taken care?

thanks and regards