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MPC5634M EEPROM Emulation help

Question asked by ARJUN RAVEENDRANATH on Sep 21, 2017

Hello All,


I have downloaded "EEE_Driver_v1.3.0" for EEPROM emulation on Code warrior 2.7 Classic IDE target.

Since there is no ready to go example on MPC5634M device, i have tried to modify "MPC5604P_VLE" example.

1. Since MPC5634M doesn't have DFLASH and has only CFLASH, and low banks (size 16k/32k) suitable for emulation are 1a,1b,2a,2b. In this case, i understand i should run the code from RAM/Bank 1 to enable RWW. If so, which functions from the drivers am i to relocate?

2. Additionally, for VLE projects, are there any extra setting to take care? I am getting the following errors (please see screenshot).

3. If not "MPC5604P_VLE", what will be the closest device example i can modify to suit MPC5634M.

Any help would be appreciated.