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Implement Watchdog Interrupt [MPC5645S]

Question asked by Josep Gorgues on Sep 20, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2017 by David Tosenovjan



I'm implementing a function to store data when the Watchdog timer interrupt occur and then do a reset. However the IVOR12 interrupt never rise.


I am trying to do something like that:

On "__asm void INTC_InitINTCInterrupts( void )" function I set where the interrupt should rise.


    /* set IVOR12 interrupt handler start address */
    lis     r5, IVOR12_Interrupt@h                /* Save addr of function into r5                        */
    ori     r5, r5,IVOR12_Interrupt@l
    mtIVOR12 r5


Following there are the functions that should execute after an IVOR12 Interrupt event.

void IVR12_Int(void)
{    write_values();                     /* Write data  to emulated eeprom  */ 
    sbc_reset_request();       /* Do a reset                                           */

#pragma push /* save the current state */
#pragma force_active on
//#pragma function_align 16 /* We use 16 bytes alignment for Exception handlers */
/** Handle the interrupt source by jumping to the ISR branch table (IACKR) */
__declspec(section ".__exception_handlers")
asm void IVOR12_Interrupt(void)
  stwu    r1, -0x50 (r1)    /* Create stack frame */
  stw r0,  0x24 (r1)        /* Store r0 working register  */


  mfspr    r3, 571          
  e_stw    r3, 16(r1)     // and save CSRR1


  mfspr r3, 572
  mtspr 572, r3


  stw     r0,  0x28 (r1)    /* Store r3 */
  lis     r0, IVR12_Int@h  /* Read pointer into ISR Vector Table & store in r3     */
  ori     r0, r0, IVR12_Int@l  


  /* Save rest of context required by EABI */
  stw     r12, 0x4C (r1)      /* Store r12 */
  stw     r11, 0x48 (r1)      /* Store r11 */
  stw     r10, 0x44 (r1)      /* Store r10 */
  stw     r9,  0x40 (r1)      /* Store r9 */
  stw     r8,  0x3C (r1)      /* Store r8 */
  stw     r7,  0x38 (r1)      /* Store r7 */
  stw     r6,  0x34 (r1)      /* Store r6 */
  stw     r5,  0x30 (r1)      /* Store r5 */
  stw     r4,  0x2C (r1)      /* Store r4 */
  mfcr    r3                  /* Store CR */
  stw     r3,  0x20 (r1)
  mfxer   r3                  /* Store XER */
  stw     r3,  0x1C (r1)
  mfctr   r3                  /* Store CTR */
  stw     r3,  0x18 (r1)
  mflr    r3                  /* Store LR */
  stw     r3,  0x14 (r1)


  /* Branch to ISR handler address from SW vector table */
  mtlr    r0                /*  Go to IVR12_Int function */


  mfspr    r3,570          // Get CSRR0 and pass it to the C function
  lhz      r4,0(r3)        // pass also the current instruction to the C function
  blrl                        /* Branch to ISR, but return here */


  //stw     r3,  0x28 (r1)    /* Store r3 */
  //lis     r3, sbc_reset_request@h  /* Read pointer into ISR Vector Table & store in r3     */
  //ori     r3, r3, sbc_reset_request@l
  /* Branch to ISR handler address from SW vector table */
  //mtlr    r3                  /* Store ISR address to LR to use for branching later */
  //blrl                        /* Branch to ISR, but return here */


  /* Restore context required by EABI (except working registers) */
  lwz     r3,  0x14 (r1)      /* Restore LR */
  mtlr    r3
  lwz     r3,  0x18 (r1)      /* Restore CTR */
  mtctr   r3
  lwz     r3,  0x1C (r1)      /* Restore XER */
  mtxer   r3
  lwz     r3,  0x20 (r1)      /* Restore CR */
  mtcrf   0xff, r3
  lwz     r5,  0x30 (r1)      /* Restore r5 */
  lwz     r6,  0x34 (r1)      /* Restore r6 */
  lwz     r7,  0x38 (r1)      /* Restore r7 */
  lwz     r8,  0x3C (r1)      /* Restore r8 */
  lwz     r9,  0x40 (r1)      /* Restore r9 */
  lwz     r10, 0x44 (r1)      /* Restore r10 */
  lwz     r11, 0x48 (r1)      /* Restore r11 */
  lwz     r12, 0x4C (r1)      /* Restore r12 */


  /* Disable processor recognition of interrupts */
  wrteei  0


  /* Ensure interrupt flag has finished clearing */
  mbar    0


  /* Restore Other Working Registers */
  lwz     r3,  0x24 (r1)      /* Restore r0 */


  mtspr    571, r3           
  lwz    r3, 36(r1)        
  addi    r1, r1, 80        
#pragma force_active off
#pragma pop




Josep Gorgues