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Serial bootloader Standard Flash drivers

Question asked by yalamanda dosakyala on Sep 20, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2017 by yalamanda dosakyala

Hi I have developed serial bootloader as per mpc5748g serial bootloader for MPC5777m using S32 ds for power pc v1.1,


When I run the code it is detecting break points inside c-array drivers, like FlashErase_c , FlashCheckStatus_c and other files which are moved to RAM location.


And When I send a application file , the tera term is sending the file at a time (Flowcontrol is not happening) Xon/Xoff I have enabled in TeraTerm serial port settings.My UART driver is able to receive only first Srecord only. 


But with some work around (I increased the delay to 3sec in the tera term serial port settings after sending every line).


But I need to resume the debug session after each and every line it sends, And it is very difficult to flash large file.


I am using C55 array drivers from the MPC5777M nxp tools and software site.


Can any one help me how to solve this issue.