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SRAM not mirroring with all android phones

Question asked by Tero Koskinen on Sep 20, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2017 by Kan_Li

I'm trying to make an app on android for a device using NT3H1201. The EEPROM memory has slowly changing data and SRAM is used to get current data from micro controller when NFC-field is present.


There seems to be different behavior from different android phones when trying to mirror the data.

The data is written to the SRAM after field detect and mirrored to EEPROM. The android app checks if SRAM_MIRROR_ON_OFF bit is on (Sector 3, page F8), and if it is, reads the mirrored data form EEPROM after a small delay.


The problem is that on older android phones (e.g. HTC One M9) the SRAM_MIRROR_ON_OFF bit almost never turns on and the data on EEPROM is wrong, but on a newer phone (e.g. Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4) it turns on every time and the data is correct.


Is this a hardware problem on the phone side, or am I missing something?