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Bootloader  fails with IVOR6 error in MPC5777M EVB

Question asked by yalamanda dosakyala on Sep 20, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2017 by yalamanda dosakyala

Hi All, I am currently working on Boot loader project for MPC5777M EVB, I am using s32ds power pc V1.1 for my development.


We have developed a bootloader with 5777M EVB , Where Z4_2 core and Z7_0 cores are there, We are not doing any thing in the Z4_2 core , our total bootloader code is in Z7_0 (Ethernet based flashing code).


I am able to flash and executing the simple led blinking application program(only Z4_2 core is used for led blinking application program) with our boot loader project.


But When we tried with another application program, which consists both Z4_2 and Z7_0 cores (But Here I am flashing Z7_0 core code only Our bootloader is failed to execute it.In this I am getting IVOR6 Error ,when I jump to application execution address of Z7_0 core.


I have doubt that , Whether it is needed to flash both (Z4_2, Z7_0) cores or is it enough to flash only Z7_0 core code.

Currently I am flashing Z7_0 core code only and jumping it's execution address, but it is giving IVOR6 Error.


I can flash two core files , but How to jump and execute them at a time ?