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reboot fails from kernel in P1022 based target

Question asked by RAM MURMU on Sep 20, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2017 by RAM MURMU
We have developed a custom board based on Freesccale development board P1022DS-PB REV F. The issue is 'reboot' command from kernel(after OS boot-up) doesn't work, though the 'reset' command in u-boot prompt does reboots the board successfully.


On probing the HRESET_REQ_B after issuing the 'reboot' command from kernel, it is found that HRESET_REQ_B is being triggered again after 600 micro seconds of de-assertion of HRESET.  Subsequently , the above observation is repeated again and again in a loop ( Triggering of HRESET_REQ_B and de-ssertion of HRESET) and it is stuck in this state.


This test case is repeated on P1022DS-PB REV F development board and the observation is as expected(HRESET_REQ_B is not triggered again after de-assertion of HRESET) and it successfully reboots the target.
Any suggestions on further debugging would be appreciated.