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Issue in mp4 video in IMX6Q/DL

Question asked by Keshava G N on Sep 20, 2017
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I'm trying to play 1080p MP4 video on WEC7 (Windows Embedded Compact 7)

I understand that there is no support for WinCE by NXP. I see lesser replies too.


So this question is more in general (Linux, or any OS) on iMX6 CPU.


So, the setup is, "multi-monitor" (extended mode) in WEC7. The screen will be taken as large combination of two displays.

I'm using two displays of different resolution. Primary is LCD with 800x480 (IPU1 DI0) and secondary is HDMI with 1920x1080 (IPU1 DI1).


Display is working fine and I'm able to get basic setup working.


The issue is, when I try to play video (MP4) of any resolution (on primary monitor alone), which uses hardware codec- VPU, it is not playing properly, I'm seeing high distortions. This even spreads to secondary display.


I've attached a pic for understanding.


This issue is not there if the secondary monitor is below 1024x768 resolution.


What could be the issue? Anything related to VPU, as this setup works fine for normal display?

Or related to IPU? Why higher resolution would cause this?