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KSDK2.2 vs KSDK 1.3 for K22 512k

Question asked by Hy Mai Employee on Sep 19, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2017 by Daniel Chen

Dear KSDK 2.2,

I am helping a customer migrating from KsDK1.3 to KSDK2.2.


I2c issue:

To stretch the clock in i2c slave mode, the customer was able to use the following HAL function calls in KSDK1.3 to that.


·        I2C_HAL_SetBaudRate(BASEADDR, CLOCK_SYS_GetBusClockFreq(), 66, NULL);·        I2C_HAL_SetSlaveBaudCtrlCmd(BASEADDR, true);


1) How would you be able to stretch the clock for I2c slave mode using KSDK2.2?


RNG issue:

 The interrupt or High Assurance options in the RNG driver.SDK 1.3 supported:    ·      

  RNGA_HAL_SetIntMaskCmd(RNG_BASE_PTR, true);·        RNGA_HAL_SetHighAssuranceCmd(RNG_BASE_PTR, true); 


2) How would you get do similar things with KSDK2.2?