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FLEXCAN module not working in LS1021A

Question asked by SUKRUTH RAMESH BABU on Sep 19, 2017
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I am trying to develop CAN driver for LS1021A. (I cant use the SDK from NXP I am using a custom made board)

Used this "Example MPC5744P FlexCAN simpleTXRX " uploaded by Petr Stancik Employee as reference for developing CAN driver using FLEXCAN module.

Did these modifications

1. Endianess is taken care.

2. RCW configuration enabling CAN4_TX , CAN4_RX is loaded.


MCR , CTRL , message buffers are configured properly which could be seen in the debugger. Attached is the snapshot for reference.


RXERRCNT is 80 , read from ECR register, when I try to transmit a CAN message from the CANoe. As shown below


I don't see any CAN message on the bus.


When I try to transmit a CAN message from the transceiver (TJA1042T-/3), I see this message in the CANoe

Can you please help me out with the checkpoints ? Let me know if you need more information.

It would of great help if you can tell me , what could be the possible mistake.