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Failed to debug Core 1 in MPC5777C in S32 Design Studio

Question asked by Rahul Mankumbare on Sep 19, 2017
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We are using S32 Design Studio.


S32 Design Studio for Power Architecture

Version: 1.2
Build id: 170613

(c) Copyright Freescale Semiconductor 2016. All rights reserved.
(c) Copyright NXP 2017.



MCU ==
evb == MPC5777C EVB 

debugger == Multilink universal fx

Operating System == Win7x64,Win8x64

Till now we were using only Core 0. We have successfully able to debug & test GPIO,PWM,CAN,SPI etc
modules using Core 0.


Now we have written pin toggling program in Core 1 & trying to debug it.


It shows that debug done 100%.


But when we try to do single stepping we are not able to do that.


We are setting debug configuration similar to what we are doing for Core 0.


We have stuck here.


Please guide us.