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MQX ppp and LTE modem question

Question asked by tomzuojin on Sep 19, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2017 by 胜 戴

I used MQX 4.2 and modify PPP code can used M26 gprs modem OK.

when i used Fibocom L710 LTE 4G modem ,I have modify AT command, it can PPP OK,but

can not ping any IP address;

when i used M26 2G modem ,get local address and remote adress not same,but at 4G modem it is same.

see: (4G )

Attempting to establish connection. Please wait(45)....Link_up
DNS server added successfuly.
Connection established
Local address:
Remote address:

PPP connection ok
GPRS modem connected successfuly
Trying to resolve hostname
Hostname resolution failed


IPv4 Routing Table:
DIRECT Route:, NetIF=2000a5a0,DestIF=0
DIRECT Route:, NetIF=1fff807c,DestIF=1fff807c
DIRECT Route:, NetIF=1fff807c,DestIF=0


Image is 2G modem infomation.


who can tell me why?? i can't ping any IP .

thank u.




modify  IPCP_up  function ,on ipcpfsm.c file.  

#if 1 
if(ipcp_ptr->LOPT.ADDR == ipcp_ptr->POPT.ADDR)
ipcp_ptr->POPT.ADDR = 0;
ipcp_ptr-> = 0;

RTCSCMD_smartissue(ipcp_ptr->BIND_PARMS, IPIF_bind_ppp);


add route  to route table.