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where is MPC5745R?

Question asked by David Alvarez Oliva on Sep 19, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2017 by David Alvarez Oliva

I'm looking at this microcontroller but I do not know what is the correct information. In the title indicates that it has 3MB and 3 core and 200mhz but in its description does not put the same, in the datasheet specifies it in different way and in the reference manual it say 150mhz for mpc5745r.


I can not find the MPC5745R for sale, maybe it is now called mpc5743r in 176?

Actually the one that suits me the most is the MPC5745R in 176TQFP, but I can not find it anywhere, it is not manufactured anymore. or has it changed its name?





NXP 32-bit MCU, Triple Power Arch core, 3MB Flash, 200MHz, -40/+125degC,Automotive Qual,LQFP17