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Project dependency

Question asked by David Sherman on Sep 18, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2017 by David Sherman

This is probably a very basic question, and forgive me since Google isn't coming up with what I'm looking for.  I'm migrating a project from KDS to MCUXpresso.  Many moons ago, I had dependencies working so if a library was rebuilt because of a source change, the main project would be rebuilt to link in the new library.  I've set up the projects with the same hierarchy I had in KDS.  The main project links in the libraries generated, and has those projects are listed in "project references".  It builds the individual libraries OK if I modify a source, but it doesn't automatically rebuild the main.  What was the trick to make it aware that the main depends on the others?  I've compared settings in KDS, and it appears I have the same settings, but I must be missing something.