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bitbake debug mode (-DDD) no errors

Question asked by arsadhusain momin on Sep 18, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2017 by jimmychan



I have setup the yocto build system on my pc.


I'm working on i.MX 7 Dual SABRE board.


First I did


bitbake imx-test


Which fetched and built the latest imx-test package in my build directory.


What I wanted to do was,

make changes in the source code of the programs in imx-test package and compile them using bitbake.


So I made my changes and tried


bitbake -c compile -f imx-test


Which compiled the imx-test package with modified source code.


But the output binary files did not generate, because my code had some errors in it.


So I tried


bitbake -c compile -f imx-test -DDD


Which gave a lot of debug information, but none about the errors in my code.

The surprising thing was that the compile task was shown to be successful, even with the errors in my code.

But the output binaries were not generated because of the errors.


What is the highest level of debug mode in bitbake?

Is there any way to view the errors in my code using bitbake?


Please help asap.