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Question asked by Andrew Pikul on Sep 18, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2017 by Andrew Pikul

On the FRDM Board, bootloader is stock, and I was using debugger w/ OpenOCD.

`openocd -c "interface cmsis-dap" -c "transport select jtag" -f "target/klx.cfg"`


It worked fine, but it always entered ROM after it executed a couple flash cycles and then went back to flash.

RCM_MR was equal to 0x04 pre-ROM (in the few flash cycles prior) and then 0x00 after it went back to flash.


I wanted to skip BCA to see how fast the KL82 would boot, so I made


FSEC (0x40c) = 0xFE

FPROT (0x40d) = 0x3F


Operation became shaky for a couple of power cycles (seeming to RESET constantly), and then cmsis-dap started failing completely. 


Now I just get a steady yellow blink on the D1 of a seemingly bricked device.


Any advice?

Also, are there schematics for the kl82 available?