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PF3000 lower output voltages - malfunctioning

Question asked by javier fernandez on Sep 19, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2017 by javier fernandez

Hi everyone,


I have detected a misbehavior on my imx6ul + PF3000 that this behavior only happens sometimes. When the PMIC starts does not put the correct voltage on their outputs (Before loading the u-Boot). It seems like it is on "error mode" because every output is around 0.5v (except Vsnvs). Meanwhile, the inputs voltages are correct, such as Vin ~ 3.6v, Vddio ~ 1.8, Vsnvs ~ 3v and Pwron ~ 2.7v. There are the same values as when it starts successfully and everything works as expected. Therefore, I think that the configuration is correct and I do not know why the PMIC sometimes starts on this "error mode".


As it is said in the data sheet the input voltage range to PMIC is 2.8 V to 4.5 V, or 3.7 V to 5.5 V, PWRON on high voltage is 0.8*Vsnvs-3.6. Therefore, the values are between the specified ranges.


Moreover, when the PMIC came into this "error mode", I can get out of it putting on its Vin 4.4v. Furthermore, other curious characteristic is the current consumption on this "error mode" continues being high, around 110mA at 12v more or less the same as in normal mode.


I have attached the OTP bits configuration if it may be useful.


Have anyone detected something similar before?? Any idea of can I solve it or others parameters to check??


Thanks a lot and regards,