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HDMI - Resolution Isuue

Question asked by rizwan syed on Sep 18, 2017
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I am working on imx6Q board with linux yocto 3.14.38.

Please clarify the following observations.


1.In Uboot, I have set 1920x1080@60 and connected the 1920x1080 hdmi monitor, then the image looks proper and fbset shows the proper values for resolution as 1920x1080.


If i connect other lower resolution monitor (1280x720) ,The image looks like 640x480 and when verified with fbset, it shows 640x480


2.If the resolution is changed to 1280x720@60 during uboot, The image looks proper on 1280x720 Monitor.

If the same is connected to 1920x1080 monitor.It shows big icons and fbset shows the resolution as 640x480@60


How does the resolution differs on HDMI monitor.Is it due to HDMI monitor settings or due to settings in Linux BSP.

Please clarify


Thanks and Regards

Rizwan Syed