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NTU (Network Time Unit) value for TT CAN(Time Triggered CAN) in MPC 5777M

Question asked by Mayanksinh Thakor on Sep 17, 2017

Hello All, 

Martin Kovar Peter Vlna Petr Stancik igorpadykovDavid Tosenovjan


            I am working on TT CAN(Time Triggered CAN) protocol for MPC 5777M EVB. In TT CAN The length of the NTU(Network Time Unit) is given by: NTU = CAN Clock Period x NC/DC. and Level 1: NC >= 4 x DC and NTU = CAN bit time. 

            NCL(Numerator Configuration Low) range is 0x0000-FFFF and DC(Denominator Configuration) range is 0x0001-3FFF.

            So which is the best suitable value for for NTU in Level 1 in TT CAN for MPC 5777M ?