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Moved DLib_Config_Normal.h to local directory and now missing __iar_program_start when linking project.

Question asked by Rick Stuart on Sep 15, 2017




I am trying to contain my IAR / NXP / KL03 project into 1 SVN repository.  So I am moving key files from common IAR / NXP locations to with in my SVN directory structure.  I have been successfully doing this for many files.  However, I have not be able to move .../INC/c/DLib_Config_Normal.h.  I have changed the entry in "Options->GeneralOptions->Library:Normal" to "Options->GeneralOptions->Library:Custom" and added the path to the SVN copy of DLib_Config_Normal.h.  But I still get the "no definition for __iar_program_start" linker error.  Any help / hints would be appreciated.