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Sector Select over PC/SC interface with APDU

Question asked by Sascha Winkler on Sep 15, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2017 by Sascha Winkler

Hi all,


I am trying to write data to EEPROM of my NTAG I2C 2K chip over RF Interface.

In order to this I use an NFC Reader with PC/SC interface and write an Java Application on top of Java Smartcard API. Because the EEPROM/User Memory is located on two 2 sectors, I have to change the sector number in order to get access to full eeprom. My problem is now that the SmartCard API sends APDU with an required header of 4 bytes (class, instruction, parameter 1, parameter 2). After looking into the datasheet I tried to send an APDU with following header : Class=Cmd=0xC2, Instruction=0xFF and without parameter 1 and parameter 2. This process throws an error because of the missing parameter bytes. My next attempt was to sent an header with empty parameter field but I also get an error. 

Can somebody gives me advice?


with kind regards


Sascha Winkler