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Problem in Wake-up In MM912

Question asked by alireza bazm on Sep 15, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2017 by guofeng lai
unfortunately I'm stack on Stop mode and the Wake up in MM912G634
for going in stop it is enough
asm ANDCC #0x6F;
asm NOP;
asm (STOP);

According to datasheet:
For wake-up from STOP the basic flow is as follows:
1. Analog die detects a wake-up condition, e.g. on a switch input or start bit of a LIN message.
2. Analog die exits Voltage Regulator low power mode.
3. Analog die asserts the interrupt signal D2DINT.
4. CPU starts clock generation.
5. CPU enters interrupt handler routine
.6. CPU services interrupt and acknowledges the source on the analog die.
 i can change the state of L3 L5 and L6 (from state1 to state0) as a wake up condition and before going to stop mode  IRQ has been enabled by :
D2DCTL1  = 0x8F;  // IRQ enable
D2DCTL0 = 0x80; 

i think by this configuration and changing L3 , L5 or L6, MCU should exit from Stop mode but i couldn't exit from stop mode. it should be noted that BDM is Connected but i use oscilloscope for reading pin A.6 that i expected after exiting Stop mode start as a puls
this is part of my code:
void interrupt 7 RTIServiceRoutin(void)

   if (1==PORTA_PA6)

void main(void) {
D2DCTL1 = 0x8F; // IRQ enable, max timeout
D2DCTL0 = 0x80; // D2D enable, 4Bit, D2DCLK=BUS



 B_MCR =0x01;

asm ANDCC #0x2F;
asm NOP;
asm (STOP);
// at this point i change the state of L3

__asm CLI;