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How to Enable PAN profile of bluetooth in IMX6sl so that internet can be shared through bluetooth ?

Question asked by bhargav c on Sep 15, 2017

I have worked on OBEX profile of bluetooth for FILE tx and rx . I have gone through some sites. They suggested some points like enabling bnep and Ethernet bridging in kernel and running pand as NAP (network access point) at server side and as PANU at client side. I have been trying to follow the commands they have given in that links. But bnep0 interface is showing error when i use ifconfig bnep0 up command .

Please suggest me if any 1 know how to use PAN service in Blue-tooth, so that i can share Internet through blue-tooth..

server side :

pand --listen --role=NAP


in the client side after running

               pand --connect 5C:B6:CC:03:CE:A5

CLIENT SIDE in /var/log/messages it is showing pand[2983]: Connecting to 5C:B6:CC:03:CE:A5

Connect to 5C:B6:CC:03:CE:A5 failed. Connection refused(111)

please suggest commands to connect and share internet