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LPC4357 : DeepSleep wake-up induce a reset

Question asked by julien brissard on Sep 14, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2017 by julien brissard


My software goes in DeepSleep mode, but when the Wake-up happens (by wakeup0 pin), micro-controller is reset.I do not understand why ?How can I avoid this reset ?

I used Keil mcb4300 evaluation board and LPCOpen example "pmc_states" (See remark).

With the example I enter in DeepSleep mode, but when I press Wakeup0, the micro reset. I think that reset occurs because UART send the main menu after wakeup, but never send the following debug sentence : "Woken up". This sentence is correctly sent if I used the sleep mode, but not in deep-sleep.


Somebody is able to help me ?


Remark : I must add command "LPC_PMC->PD0_SLEEP0_HW_ENA |=1;" before calling Chip_PMC_Set_PwrState(PMC_DeepSleep), otherwise it is not working. This is explain on the forum.