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Findcc give unknown probe tip

Question asked by KEVIN BELL on Sep 13, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2017 by KEVIN BELL

I'm having an issue where every so often my CWTAP won't work anymore. I can't connect to the probe in Codewarrior. The first time i saw it i swapped to a different CWTAP and got the same issue. So then i swapped computers and still saw the same issue. I then unplugged it from my target system and tried doing an attach and got the normal no power error and after that it worked so i moved on. I have the issue again but that trick isn't working now. I've attached a picture of what findcc normally gives me and what it's giving me now. I tried using the configTAP command from configTAP.tcl in the CCS/bin folder and that didn't help.


Why is my probe unknown?