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TAD blank according to stack size

Discussion created by Jeremy Esquirol on Sep 13, 2017



I'm working with custon MK21FN1M0 board with MQX 4.2.0 (udated was done) on KDS 3.2 on windows 10.

I'm debugging with PEMicro (Multilink)


I'm facing a strange behaviour using TAD. I've tasks with different stack size :

Just after creating the "LOOP_TASK_USER_IDX" with _task_create(0,LOOP_TASK_USER_IDX,0);
I lost data from TAD. There is no error returned by _task_create()


All TAD tabs are empty. That's the last task I launch, and before it TAD is working fine.
This behaviour change according to LOOP_TASK_USER_IDX task size. If i reduce the stack, TAD works.


Untill this morning it was working with 10000; After i made some tests, it don't work with 10000; Only with smaller value (about 7000)


I dont' think i'm using all the RAM, BSS for my project is 6808 and total task Stack is 22000. MK21FN1M has 128KB of RAM,  according to RAM Memory Utilization ,even if I consider only the 64KB lower part I must still got a lot of memory

I've seen similar posts in community forum but no answer was given.

Does someone know what is hapening with TAD? Does the error came from TAD or must be in my code?


I join TAD logs


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