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Help ls1021a-iot boot Yocto

Question asked by shim sangwon on Sep 13, 2017

I am using the ls1021a-iot board. I got the Iot-gatewat-platform-V0.1-CORTEXA7-IMAGE-20170120-yocto.iso from the homepage and created the boot sd card and it succeeded to boot. However, after booting, Yocto will not boot and OpenWRT will boot.


The files used are:


1. fsl-image-rds-ls1021aiot-rootfs.ext.gz.u-boot
2. uImage-ls1021aiot.bin
3. uImage-ls1021a-iot.dtb


To create an sd card:


1. sudo fdisk /dev/sdc -> d -> p (default) -> t -> b (FAT32, 95) -> w
2. sudo dd if = u-boot.bin of = / dev / sdc bs = 512 seek = 8
3. sudo umount / dev / sdc1
4. sudo mkfs.vfat -n "YOCTO" / dev / sdc1
5. cp (3 files above) / media / XXX / YOCTO


I did this and I do not know why it will boot into OpenWRT. If the file is wrong or the method I use is wrong, please let me know.


Thank you.