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i.MX7 DDR Stress Test Tool

Question asked by Wayne Kuo on Sep 13, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2017 by Jan Spurek

Hi Experts,


I have a question for DDR Stress Test Tool.
I use DDR Stress Test Tool Ver 2.70.


On i.MX6Q,
After I set the parameters and download the *.inc file, then press the Calibration buttom , if the calibration pass, tool will generate a DDR parameter set to tell me the optimal pararmeter for the testing board. Like:


   MMDC registers updated from calibration


   Write leveling calibration
   MMDC_MPWLDECTRL0 ch0 (0x021b080c) = 0x00140016
   MMDC_MPWLDECTRL1 ch0 (0x021b0810) = 0x0024001F
   MMDC_MPWLDECTRL0 ch1 (0x021b480c) = 0x001B002A
   MMDC_MPWLDECTRL1 ch1 (0x021b4810) = 0x00150026


   Read DQS Gating calibration
   MPDGCTRL0 PHY0 (0x021b083c) = 0x43240338
   MPDGCTRL1 PHY0 (0x021b0840) = 0x03240318
   MPDGCTRL0 PHY1 (0x021b483c) = 0x43200334
   MPDGCTRL1 PHY1 (0x021b4840) = 0x032C0270


   Read calibration
   MPRDDLCTL PHY0 (0x021b0848) = 0x3C2E3230
   MPRDDLCTL PHY1 (0x021b4848) = 0x38363042


   Write calibration
   MPWRDLCTL PHY0 (0x021b0850) = 0x323A3E38
   MPWRDLCTL PHY1 (0x021b4850) = 0x46304436

Success: DDR calibration completed!!!

On i.MX7D,
if calibration pass, the tool just show the "Final write delay = 0xXXXXXXXX" and tell me DDR calibration completed. Linke:


   Final write delay = 0x04040404
   -Note: final delay is based on the center of all passing byte lanes

   Success: DDR calibration completed!!!


As my experience, we need to fill the optimal parameters badk into BSP source code.
However, i.MX7 DDR Stress Test Tool does not generate the optimal parameter set that I can used.


Here is my questions:
1. Does DDR Stress Test Tool generate the optimal DDR parameter on i.MX7 serial?
2. If "Final write delay" is the optimal parameter, where should I fill back to source code? Which memory address should I fill?


Best Regards,
Wayne Kuo