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How to recover ls1012 frdm board?

Question asked by Kishan Patel on Sep 13, 2017



I am using ls1012afrdm board . After successfully updating u-boot on board using codewarrior TAP device did not come up again.

Case 1:

Steps Followed :

  1. Environment setup for flashing image using codewarrior TAP.
  2. Open codewarrior studio and select target device,Activate it and clickon flash programmer.
  3. You will get prompt to select action and execute it.
  4. For u-boot i used attached binary at 0x100000 offset with erase and verify option.
  5. It runs successfully. than i reset board. But it did not come up .


Case 2 :

After running above steps I tried to flash u-boot again using codewarrior studio but in between codewarrior studio stops.

Now when i am trying to connect device it gives me following error.


CCS: subcore error during multicore operation.


After running diagnostics i found following result.



Failed to execute target initialization script.


ERROR: Target reset failed.

Python Exception <class 'gdb.error'> Protocol error with Rcmd:

Traceback (most recent call last):

  File "xxx/codewarrier/ProgrammerWorkspace/P2/.metadata/.plugins/com.freescale.debug.tcc/", line 298, in <module>


  File "xxx/codewarrier/ProgrammerWorkspace/P2/.metadata/.plugins/com.freescale.debug.tcc/", line 287, in run_init_file Reset()

  File "xxx/codewarrier/ProgrammerWorkspace/P2/.metadata/.plugins/com.freescale.debug.tcc/", line 90, in Reset   gdb.execute("py-reset %d" % user_reset_delay)

gdb.error: Error occurred in Python command: Protocol error with Rcmd

Failed to execute target initialization script


Please help me to fix this issue.

Help Appreciated.



Kishan Patel

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