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Thread Example Not working

Question asked by Piers Basto on Sep 13, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2017 by Estephania Martinez



I am trying to get the thread host interface example working.


I have downloaded the SDK from Welcome to MCUXpresso | MCUXpresso Config Tools  and I am trying to run the frdmkw41z_wireless_examples_thread_host_controlled_device_freertos example. 


I have flashed it to my frdmkw41z board, which flashes the RGB LED blue. I connected a UART to USB adapter running on COM 4.


I downloaded the NXP Test Tool 12 to test out the THCI functionality. It recognizes the com port. Whenever I send a command, there is a TX entry but no RX response. If I plug the board in when its off, I can see a few RX commands as the board starts up.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.