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Why am I unable to clear UART overrun/framing error?

Question asked by Alexander Farley on Sep 12, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2018 by Alexander Farley

I'm unable to clear UART framing/overrun errors following the recommended procedure:

-disable RX

-read S1

-read D

-enable RX


It looks like this person was having the same issue, not sure if it was ever resolved:

Kinetis K10 UART overrun error. 


I'm using a K22f, the UART in question is UART5. 


Two questions: 

1) Why isn't the above procedure clearing the overrun error?

2) What dictates whether the device transitions to PE_ISR(Cpu_ivINT_UART5_ERR) after encountering an error? 


My main concern is preventing my code from hanging when it hits a UART error.