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Issue on sending a 256 byte long Felica packet using PN512

Question asked by Antony Tom Mathews on Sep 12, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2017 by Antony Tom Mathews


We are using PN512 as NFC reader/Writer IC in our device and there is a use case where we have to write full length Felica packets to a device that supports Felica protocol.Now as PN512 has only 64bytes hardware FIFO we tried configurable FIFO water levels as mentioned in AN108711 Application Note.We have configured SPI at max speed for PN512(10MHz).We load transceive command and load first 64 bytes of packet in FIFO and Set Start_Send bit in BIT FRAMING REGISTER to start sending data via RF.Now we check Low Level Interrupt and when it triggers we load (64-WaterLevel) number of bytes into FIFO which we does until the whole packet is finished.


WaterLevel we kept was 31(max value)

The problem here is we get WrErr(0x80) within 2 cycle of operation followed by buffer overflow Error(0x90)  in subsequent cycles.