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MPC5775k FFT

Question asked by junyi Shen on Sep 12, 2017
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I'm writing the FFT module for MPC5775k.I work only on the MPC5775k daughter board.S32 is V1.1.have some problems, can you help me see if my code is correct?I really need your help.


When my program runs to void SPT_FFT256_init(uint32_t twiddle_addr)which initializes twiddle factor and window factor.Everything is normal until the breakpoint is shown as shown in the diagram

and then run, error.

I make sure that address of command_list,twiddle_addr and fft_window is a multiple of this

I really can't find where it went wrong,I tried to see the status register to find the error

I deleted some functions in order to exclude the possibility of other modules configuring conflicts, but I think the overall should be correct.I will give you my code.SDADC_save20170911.TXT is my save before deleting. Please help me and tell me what's wrong.






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