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USB-KW24D512 isn't detected on the Test Tool 12

Question asked by Namyong Cho on Sep 12, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2017 by Juan Carlos Pacheco

Hi All,

I have bought USB-KW24D512 Dongle through Mouser korea.

However USB-KW24D512 device isn't detected on the Test Tool 12

The procedure I run is as follow :

1. Insert the dongle to PC(Windows 10)

   : The device(COM8) is detected on the device manager.

2. Run Freescale Test Tool 12

   : The device(COM8) is activated on the Test Tool 12.

3. Clicked the Channel(11 ~ 26) on the Protocol Analyzer menu.

  : However, The device(COM8) isn't shown on the Current Capture menu.

In order to activate the device, Is there any pre-condition ?


Please the attached image.

I would really appreciate it, if  you could response this issue.